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Guild Bank
Discount are based on current Auction House prices.
Social, Trial – 0% Discount
Newbie, Member – 5% Discount
Raider – 10% Discount
Core Raider – 25% Discount
- Guild members can gain up to 2,000 DKP for filling up the guild bank with flasks. Guild members gain 20 DKP for every single flask that has been put into the guild bank. This can be done just once a week. (Also known as consumables event.)

- Note example: 6,5 Holy / 6,9 Retri -> GS MS / GS OS.
- Guild members must keep their notes updated.
- In case note is not up to date, guild members must contact officers to do so.
- Invites to raid are distributed using current GS in notes, but mostly based on ranks.
- Guild members are allowed to change their main spec in every raid they join. The change must be announced to the raid leader before the start of the raid. The main spec changes will be always posted in #raid channel, so everyone can see them clearly.

- Raids start at 17:00, unless scheduled otherwise.
- Raid invites are always announced a few minutes before beginning on Discord in #announcements channel.
- If someone must leave group during the raid time while being part of it, they must announce it before raid start to Raid leader. If something has happened during the raid, it should be announced right after it happened.
- Raid members can speak just when there is something important to say or point out. (Important means asking for innervate, defensive cooldowns or using battle ress.)
- If raid member interrupt Raid leader when speaking, they will be warned. If the situation happens again, the raid leader has full power and right to punish the person who had interrupted. If the situation happens for the third time, person who keeps interrupting Raid leader will be server muted on Discord.
- Raids are always going to be announced in advance. They are always be mentioned in Guild Message Of The Day and in Discord (section #raid-announcement).

DKP awards
All awards can vary on the situation. Leader has full right to change the amount of DKP if for instance raid goes well or, on the other hand, totally bad. Generally speaking, the awards should be somewhere around these numbers:
ICC 25 Heroic:
- 30% Buff LOD – 500 DKP
- 30% Buff one shot LOD – 800 DKP
- 30% Buff LOD, one shot everything – 1000+ DKP
- 0% Buff LOD – 2000 DKP
- 0% Buff one shot LOD – 3000 DKP
- 0% Buff LOD, one shot everything – 3500+ DKP
RS 25 Heroic:
- Halion kill – 500 DKP
- Halion one shot – 800 DKP
- Halion one shot while killing the whole RS within 20 minutes from start – 1200 DKP
ToGC 25:
- Without Insanity – 250 DKP
- Insanity – 750 DKP
- With Immortality – 3000 DKP
ICC 10 Heroic / RS 10 Heroic / ToGC 10 :
- Killing Bane / Halion – 200 DKP

- DKP will be given after last boss killed in the instance or after Raid Leader announces end of a raid.
- If someone has to leave raid during the raid time, they will be awarded 50% out of given DKP after the raid. (Person has to get done at least 50% off raid bosses.)
- DKP cap is 15,000 DKP. That means you can´t have more than 15,000 DKP and if you have this amount, next awards will not count.

Bidding items
- Minimal bid is 5 DKP.
- Main spec has bigger priority than off spec.
- PvE main spec has bigger priority than PvP main spec.
- PvE off spec is equal to PvP off spec.
- Note: the main spec can be changed at the beginning of the raid by announcing the fact to the raid leader. The change will be later publicly announced in #raid channel.

Loot managing
- Items will be distributed when the raid leader (loot distributor) decides to do so.
- Raid members are allowed to bid items for their off spec just when no one wants item for main spec.
- Items will be re-bidden in case winner of item agrees with it (spent DKP will be given back to winner).
- Items will be distributed by priorities using BIS-lists.
- Trials are not allowed to bid trinkets and mounts.

- Punishments are mostly in form of DKP minuses and they vary:
- Triggering spirits at Lady – 1000 DKP (each spirit); if players trigger 3 spirits, they are awarded minus 3000 DKP.
- Not removing weapons at Lady – 500 DKP (each time player doesn´t remove the weapons before mind controls), same example as spirits.
- Dying at Sindy because of tomb or any other personal fail – 300 DKP.
- Getting hit by malleable goo at Festergut – 100 DKP (each).
- Getting hit by malleable goo at Professor Putricide – 200 DKP (each).
- Any kind of fail that causes death or other kinds of fail (not using freedoms, badly timed MD/TOT etc.) – 1000 DKP (each).
- If someone wipes the raid, they will be awarded -1000 DKP for wipe.
- If someone wipes the raid second time in the same day, they will get double minus DKP, which is -2000 DKP.
- If someone goes AFK without saying anything, they will be awarded -100 DKP every time they are AFK.
- Rage quitting raids is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
- Ignoring Guild Master, Officers and Raid leaders is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
- Interrupting Guild Master, Officers and Raid leaders when speaking is not allowed.
- Toxicity is not allowed at all.
- Note: The Guild Master, Officers and Raid leaders have the full right to change the punishments when leading the raid. Basically speaking, their raid, their rules.

- Trials get promoted after proving and showing their game knowledge.
- Members can get promoted after proving their worth to the guild. That means doing at least 75% of all raids, not failing, being active in all mediums, and friendly to other guild members and the environment.
- Raiders can get promoted after being core part of our community. That means being helpful to all guild members, being able to play the character that guild needs, not failing.

Guild members can raid with other guilds. We all are human beings, and it would be very egoistic to forbid people to play with someone else. However, guild has some rules on this, based on logic.

- If someone plays with other guild during DPS guild raid days, they automatically become lower in priority for invite to future DPS guild raids, but only in case the guild needs them. That means if the raid is full, players have full right to do whatever they want.
- If someone raids with other guilds only on Deadly Penguin Squadx free days (not raiding days), they retain all rights.
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