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Deadly Penguin Squadx
We are sad to announce Deadly Penguin Squadx is no longer active.
Welcome To Deadly Penguin Squadx

Deadly Penguin Squadx is a newly formed International PvE End-Game Social guild with EU based raid time. We are a friendly but focused community looking to push raids and clearing it all in a timely and efficient manner. The core of the community is formed by exceptional cores from PvE End-Game guild Arise. After two years of the successful era of one guild, we decided to move on and keep on going under the new brand. Our goal is to become one of the best PvE guilds on the server. Will we be one? We don´t know, but we have what it takes and we will do everything we can to come on top.

Our Progress
We are currently farming 10-12 regular LoDs, up to 10 x RS25HC, 1 x 0% Buff LoD weekly and we leave tuesday for achievement runs (Ulduar´s Hard Modes and achievements, Naxxramas Immortality, ICC Glory, ToGC Immortality and such) if people prefer it over regular raids.

Raiding time: from 17:00 server time unless scheduled otherwise.

Interested in joining us?
At the moment the guild is recruiting experienced and loyal players who are ready to fill our LoD teams. Meaning that they have multiple geared (6.0+) toons with LoD & RS25 HC experience on them and knowledge of their classes and specs.

Guild rules: Guild rules and more information you can find in Policies tab.
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